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The Classification And Identification Of Rolling Bearing

Nov 24, 2015

Direct bearing, you can watch it finish (or roughness), good quality of a glance, needless to say. Further, you can put on the bearing in your hand, hard to change, its rotation is very smooth and natural, no noise. 6XXXX series of NSK bearing used in General, really easy to use, just 1 time times more expensive than domestic prices and more. 

But it's longer life than most domestic bearings, a top two. So the price is cost-effective. Singapore bearing between the quality of NSK and domestic. Price is not known. Bearing on the Singapore name. China Harbin bearing I have ever used, buy this relatively affordable. 

Quality is also good. But with long noise, require lubrication, otherwise should be rust. Stores selling professional bearing is not a lot, you can go to the crowding together of the local hardware store to buy them. 

(Selling auto parts, motorcycle parts, belt might also be the ones) stores you don't have go, generally have the bearings fixed stores will have a striking makes. Invoicing when you call them, are generally not fake.