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Fixed Bearing Of Commonly Used Terms And Definitions

Nov 24, 2015

bearing rollingbearing In support of load and relative motion to each other rolling bearing parts intercropping, which included roller parts and with or without isolation or roller guide group. Can be used for radial, axial or a combination of radial and axial loads. 

single row bearings singlerowbearing One column rolling elements of rolling bearings. 

double row bearings doublerowbearing With two rows of rolling elements of rolling bearing.

multi row bearings multi-rowbearing Scroll with more than two columns, bear the same load bearing, it is pointed out that the number of columns and bearing types, such as: "four-row radial cylindrical roller bearings". 

full complement roller bearing fullcomplementbearing Bearings without cage, rolling element in each column sum of circumferential gap between the smaller than the diameter of the rollers, and as small as possible, so that the bearings have good performance.