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TIMKEN anti-friction properties

Nov 24, 2015

Chromium films plated layer key bearing and wear-resisting bearing belonging to high-performance bearings TIMKEN, they have their own special features. , 

TIMKEN chromium films plated layer key bearing Chromium plating layer key bearing TIMKEN thin film is specially designed, mainly to improve bearing performance in harsh corrosive environments. Chromium films plated bearings provide layer key not found in standard bearing resistance to rust and corrosion performance. 

Thin film coating of chromium plating layer key bearing a special design, with strict control of spherical structures, so that the bearing surface has a high strength and hardness. 

This design reduces the consumption of bearing, reduce equipment downtime, reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement of parts. 

Second, the TIMKEN anti-friction TIMKEN anti-friction devices are designed specifically for wind turbine applications, mainly in order to reduce the effects of bearing life and wear problems, including spherical roller bearings in the spindle on the slightly pitting and micro-point on a wind turbine gearbox bearing corrosion, abrasion and brittle delamination issues. Anti-friction L10 life than spindle and gearbox bearing life increased by 3.5 times. 

TIMKEN reactance of the wind mill bearing has the following characteristics Internal development of wear-resistant coatings and bearing materials, effective mechanism of resistance to adhesive wear caused by abrasion, slightly pitting and fretting wear;