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Rolling bearing the proper use and common fault

Nov 24, 2015

There are dozens of species on a car bearing is a bearing, large and small, including almost all common types of bearings, ball bearings and damage is also more common. 

Because of rolling bearings are generally mounted in the internal, so inconvenient Visual inspection, only according to the symptom first give a general judgement, then remove the check. Proper use of rolling bearings is to reduce the bearing failure, reliable guarantee for longer bearing life, 

which includes correct installation and proper lubrication. Below describes the requirements and common faults of rolling bearings, damage. 

A, correct use of rolling bearings 

bearing disassembly and Assembly of the bearing should be cleaned before installation. During installation, you should use the special tools will be supported under the straight press evenly into, do not use the hammer percussion, specifically prohibits tapping directly on the bearing. 

When loose when the housing washer and the hole, bore or bearing replacement should repair instead of MA in the mating surfaces of the bearing or pad copper skin barely used. Disassembly of the bearing should be used when suitable puller to pull the bearing, not with a chisel, hammer, percussion bearings. 2.Bearing lubrication of rolling bearing two common lubricants include lubricating oils and greases. 

When the circumference of the shaft speed is less than 4-5M/s, or lubricating parts cannot be used on a car, using grease lubrication. Grease-lubricated seals are the advantages of simple structure, loss of grease is not easy, is not affected by the temperature, add lubricating grease once can be used for a long time. Grease two issues, one is a car manufacturer's instructions, choose the appropriate grades of lubricating grease. For example, automobile water pump bearings are unsuitable greases the merits, because of its poor water resistance. 

Second, added bearing grease in moderation, only fill bearing cavity 1/2-l/3, not only useless, but also increases the running resistance of bearing, make warming hot. Special attention is automotive wheel bearings, promotion of "air-hub lubrication", that is, putting the right amount of grease in the bearings, or is a waste and poor cooling also makes the heat the grease spills may affect braking performance.