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NSK bearing false identification

Nov 24, 2015

NSK bearing more and more fakes on the market, the general lack of knowledge about customers because of the bearing, so it's hard to judge the authenticity of the NSK bearings. NSK reminding you to purchase NSK bearings in China must pay attention to the following points. 

Appearance briefly summarize them as packaging, look at, listen to offers. See packaging NSK bearings packed into cases and cartons, large bearings are generally wooden, small bearings is carton packaging, tray color is dark blue, NSK bearings and print model is clear, using the NSK bearing anti-counterfeiting technology. 

NSK bearings are very difficult to do that, box is lighter, and is easy to wash, 

NSK bearing type font is also vague. Look look NSK bearings look very classy, Japan product, more attention to appearance, which is from the appearance of the Toyota and Honda models, everyone can see, doing rather well. NSK bearings, too, looks very beautiful, the most important one is that Japan NSK bearing relatively large chamfered and NSK bearing hanging level of the chamfers are generally brightly coloured. 

Gently with a hand push channel of NSK bearings where lubrication without any obstruction, feel good, fake NSK bearings are also very difficult to fake these places, especially the channel is difficult to equate with NSK bearings. Listening quotes You get what you pay for, but trying to buy NSK bearings bearings are made must be fake, NSK bearing prices much higher than prices of domestic bearings ...