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Installation method of angular contact ball bearings

Nov 24, 2015

Angular contact ball bearings, high-speed rotation is mainly used for lighter loads, required bearings and high precision, high speed, the service life of low temperature and low vibration. 

Often pairs of high speed motorized spindle support installation and use, is the key to inner surface grinding machine spindle Kit. Main technical index: 

1. bearing precision: more than GB/307.1-94 P4 level accuracy 2. high performance: dmN 1.3~1.8X 3. the use of life expectancy (average): >1500 h Life and installation of high speed precision angular contact ball bearings have a great relationship, should be aware of the following 1. bearings should be installed in a dust-free, clean room, bearing carefully matching, bearing spacer after grinding, keep and outer ring spacer under the condition of high, intermediate ring parallelism should be controlled at less than 1um; 2. the bearing should be cleaned before installation, slope within cleaning up, feel should be flexible, with no sense of stagnation after drying, add weight oil, in the case of oil-mist lubrication oil mist should be put in a small amount of oil; 3. bearings are mounted using special tools, even by force, do not beat; 4. bearing storage should be clean and ventilation, no corrosive gases, relative humidity of not more than 65%, long-term care should be rust on a regular basis.